Christmas in London

I visited London with my husband for 4 days during Christmas weekend - December 22 to 26, 2017. London is one of the friendliest cities we visited - perchance because it was Christmas. Walking around London felt like walking around a cliche childhood neighborhood. I felt welcomed in every pub I stepped into... Oh, and... Continue Reading →


City Life – Dockless Bikeshare

Bikes... without docks? Though bikes are not what I associate with docks in the first place, I find dockless bikeshare to be exceptionally innovative. Dockless bikeshare is exactly what it sounds like - a bikeshare program where the bikes are not tethered to stationary docks. Instead, they can be picked up and parked almost anywhere.... Continue Reading →

Daily Life – Moving Apartments

I am an emotional creature. I am planning on beginning the book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0 at the end of the week and I don’t know why because I really feel like what I need is less empathy. Everyone should have a little empathy – but the way the balance worked out, some people have none... Continue Reading →

Why Don’t I Love Paris?

Why don’t I love Paris?     Paris has been in my dreams since I started taking French class in fifth grade. “Why didn’t you choose Spanish? It is much more practical,” my dad wanted to know. Oh... but because of Paris. It wasn’t long before I started adding to-do items for my trip to... Continue Reading →

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